We strive for perfection with every repair we do.

Here at Southern Autokraft, we can repair most areas of damage and achieve excellent results every time. Our technicians are trained in a variety of techniques and methods that they have practised and perfected over the years. We strive towards perfection every time, leaving our customers with a professionally restored vehicle. All of our services and solutions are available across Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

We bring our solutions to you, however, if the repair is deemed too large to do in a single day at your home or workplace then we can take the vehicle away to be repaired in a garage. From car body repairs to vehicle polishing in Eastleigh, we can do it all!

  • Bumper scuffs, dents and cracks
  • Panel scuffs, dents and scratches
  • Alloy wheels (painted only)
  • Machine polishing
  • 20 mile radius of Eastleigh
  • We bring our solutions to you

Bumper scuffs, dents and cracks.

Modern vehicle bumpers are mostly made of plastic, which is a very malleable material. With heat applied the extent to which plastic will repair can be quite surprising. Cracks and splits can also be repaired either by plastic welding, or with a special bonding kit which provides a very strong and durable repair.

Repairing your bumper instead of a costly replacement not only reduces the impact on your wallet but it also reduces the impact on the environment as most replaced bumpers go to landfill sites and not to a recycling centre.

Panel dents, scuffs and scratches.

Whether your vehicle has suffered a single panel key scratch or there is damage to the complete side of the car, the team here at Southern Autokraft can take care of it.

Dents are pulled out with a special panel puller minimising the amount of filler needed to re-shape the panel thus making for a 'true' repair. If a panel replacement is necessary, provided the panel is bolt on and not a welded panel, then this is also a repair we can undertake.

Alloy wheel refurbs.

Along with our vehicle polishing in Eastleigh, we can also offer alloy wheel refurbs. Alloy wheels are the most commonly damaged area of a car's exterior. There really is no sound worse to a motorist than that of your shiny allow wheels scraping against a kerb due to some poorly executed parking!

But fear not, a quick call to Southern Autokraft and your wheels can be back to pre-kerbing condition in no time at all. Over the years we have become the go-to company to turn to for alloy wheel refurbs in Eastleigh.

Machine polishing.

Does the paintwork on your car appear dull or faded?

This is can be caused by many things; from automated car washes to strong sunshine. Your paintwork has to put up with a lot, and in today's fast lane lifestyle, most of us simply don't have the time to take the required measures to maintain our pride and joy's factory sheen.

At Southern Autokraft, we offer a machine polishing service. Whether it is country lane driving scratches or your red car has turned pink due to sun bleaching, we can buff the gloss back into your vehicle and make it look new again!


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